Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Degenerate the faithful with that crazy casbah sound...

I am so sorry. I promise I am not fully reverting back to my sketch bag ways, I have just had such a crazy week, and it doesn't look like it's going to get much better until well into June.

I do have several catch up posts I want to get to, however they will have to wait till next week, I apologize for the delay but again I must say it's been a little crazy here.

On the agenda this week (Aka descriptions of excuses for my incessant slacking)

Wednesday - Pack every item within entire house, save some pairs of gitch and my toothbrush
Thursday - Work, Attend fancy schmany work thank you wine/cheese partay, Reunite the infamous trio with the classiest of establishments (Cowboys)
Friday - Work, pack everything into moving van
Saturday - Work all day, finish any last minute packing
Sunday - We get the keys!!!! WOOHOO!!!
Monday - Collapse, and then start new job :)

So it's a bit of a stretched couple of days but I do promise I have some fantastic entries coming up, PS Anyone watch the Brothers & Sisters finale? Amanda and I came to the conclusion that it rocked the Casbah!

P.P.S. Forgive any errors, I'm typing this from my ghetto computer at work, it is not equipped with Spell/Grammar Check, sad.

Monday, May 19, 2008

With a bit of rock music, everything's fine...You're in the mood for a dance, and when you get the chance...

So in my scramble to get my crap together on Friday the thought of posting here completely slipped my mind. Whoops! I promise I’ll get back to posting regular starting….now

The after work rush was indeed induced for the best possible reason, May Long, aka the weekend to open our cabin at Pine Lake. It was beyond glorious but I haven’t had the time to edit the pictures, so I’m going to post my outdoors-ey entry tomorrow.
As for tonight, I am putting up pictures way overdue. Last weekend my best friend Morgan (in depth blog introduction to come at a later date) invited me to her Auntie Shelley’s surprise fortieth birthday. I’ve always been extremely close with their family, though have sadly been slightly out of touch the last couple years; needless to say a couple Corona’s later and we had the party started.

Well into the night Auntie Tracy managed to discover the most remarkable, brilliant, mind-blowingly amazing karoke brought to us courtesy of Shaw on Demand. We spent the night twirling well past the enthusiastic level to the likes of Abba, John Travolta, and my personal favorite Sister Sledge’s “We Are A Family”.

Here are the photos, which barely scratch the surface of my most bottomless love for the Burke Family. Be gentle on the critiques too, some of these were shot by my durable, but not always inspired Olympus Stylus 770.





My favorite of the night...


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life, I love you, all is groovy...

Sorry I took a little break there between entries, that last one was a little heavy so I thought everyone (me included!) could use a bit of a breather. There has been a lot that has happened in these few days, and I’m stoked to report the little gems I stumbled upon this week.

First off I joined twitter, as you can see it’s been added to those tabs to the left below my friendly little welcome message. So in case you haven’t reached your fill of my crazy little antics you can get an up to the minute update of my day at any time. Convenient aye? I think it takes blog stalker to a whole new level really, haha. Just kidding. Sort of. :)

Besides that, I also found the most fantastic new blog to add to everyone’s favorites. Again found through Jessica Claire (can that blog get any better?) It’s called Pioneer Woman, and I have to say that I spent a good third of my morning yesterday reading the enthralling “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” story. I mean if the title doesn’t get you, surely the first post describing dreamy Marlboro Man will hook you. Her site is a great eclectic mixture of tales from a ranch life, cooking recipes, romance and home schooling horrors/joys of having four kids. Everyone should go read the latest, and if you’re skeptical in the least, read this entry here, I literally spit sprite through my nose it was so damn funny.

And lastly, through much idiocy on my part I processed the credit card payment to take the pDNA. I would so highly recommend this test, at 208 questions it perfectly assesses where you are in every aspect of your career, from creativity to marketing. I’ve been drooling at the bit for a while now to become a founder, and I’ve got my fingers crossed and several prayers sent up to Allah, God, and Capital One that it can fit on my credit card come June 1st. Anyone who isn’t familiar should visit Dane Sanders blog here for the latest.

I’m sorry this post is picture-less, but I promise I’ll post some downright classics tomorrow. Have a great day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Being caught in between all you wish for and all you seen, and trying to find anything you can feel that you can believe in.

The other day for the fourth time I finished Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life Of Bee’s. For anyone who has yet to read this book, you must drive now to your nearest Chapters, Coles, Walmart, anywhere that sells paperback to get yourself a copy. Words cannot possibly describe how this book made me feel.

There’s a quote in it, and it struck me so deeply that I knew I had to share it here:

“No matter how much you thought you could leave your mother behind, she would never disappear from the tender places in you”

I lost my mother two years ago. The topic is one of the few in my life that remains a twisted puzzle of vulnerability and pain that I have difficulty opening up about. The moments I do choose to talk are generally only with those very close to me and mostly laced with such tactless indecent humor that an outsider might not understand my point of view. In true daughter form I take after my mother by masking most obstacles in my life with passionate humor, from a young age I realized life was going to seem a whole lot longer if I couldn’t see the hilarity through the clouds.

Back to the book, needless to say the entire thing made me break down in tears. In a mere 336 pages I felt a chord strike through all the layers in me that seemed to ease the ache deep in those tender places.
Holidays are always a bit of a touchy thing for me, but today I managed to put aside my grief and wacky humor and just be thankful for the eighteen Mothers Day’s I was blessed enough to have with her.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Any little thing to just feel better

So I just realized that through my buckley’s-induced haze that I never got around to posting that Claire had put some pictures up on her blog from the engagement shoot I got to help her with a couple weeks back.

Michelle and Brad were so unbelievably cute, quite shy in the beginning, but they definitely warmed up to Claire after a couple minutes. Plus as a bonus they brought along their beautiful labs, it’s a miracle she got them both in the frame as they were more than a little anxious to take advantage of the open space at Fish Creek.

Here’s a little sneak peek of my favorite she snapped right near the end of the shoot. Follow this link to her blog to check out the rest. Again I can’t say enough how incredibly thankful and happy I was to be able to tag along and help out!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just let me state for the record, We're giving love in a family dose...

So I am in a much better mood than I was Tuesday, an I know things can only go up from here cause I finally have a day off and am

So, completely ignoring my sulk-fest last time, I’m moving on to write about much happier things.

Thankfully I brought my camera along last weekend when we decided to all head down to Fish Creek Park. It started out as a huge mass, but in the end whittled down to just three. Amanda, Layne and me. There is something so wonderful about spending time with the people you love. These two, just happen to be two of my absolute favorite.

We all bring such unique personalities to the table that when you jumble us together your never quite sure what you’ll get. Needless to say I’m usually the one who’s down for the count laughing a lung up, but on Saturday between Layne and I we had her bust a gut. Thank god I had my camera.


And here are both the goofballs, Amanda on the left, Layney on the right.


And amidst all the laughing, I managed to take what I think has moved into one of my top favorite slots. It is one of the photos where everything managed to be perfect, at least in my mind. Amanda thinks it’s a little bit of an unflattering angle but I think it captures her perfectly. One who is usually so sensible, organized, levelheaded, here she is completely carefree, it’s so unbelievably fantastic. It’s pictures like this that make me know I am moving in a positive forward direction.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And even when you're hope is gone, move along.

Yesterday I had written an entry to post here, filled to the brim with excitement about my May 17th wedding with Claire. Seems the laws of the universe were out to prove some sort of twisted lesson; a reality pin pricked my May-inspired bliss when Claire emailed to say that it wasn’t going to work. With the wedding only a week and a half away it’s understandable that my lack of experience is more liability than asset. It’s just, it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.

It’s like I’m standing nose to a wall, not quite sure how to go about breaking through it. I know in my heart that this is what I’m supposed to do; I just can’t seem to find the means to grasp it.

I can grasp the image of the destination, but don’t understand the steps to place to get there. I’m enrolled in several courses, am writing here, am constantly trying to get out there and take pictures that mean something to me, but I just don’t know how to get that practical experience to build a reputable portfolio.

I know many photographers are leery of second shooters, rights of images, someone in your way, one more worry to concern yourself with on an already very important and busy day; I can see that there are many reasons why the idea is less than appealing, I guess I am just holding onto the naïve hope that there has to be someone out there willing to open their knowledge up at some point.

I suppose I should put the Ben and Jerry’s down and get over my pity party, Amanda always says “What’s for you won’t pass you” so I guess I’m just going to put my faith in that.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

It is so unbelievably nice to finally be in a groove with this blog. I can look forward to what little goodies I want to post instead of feeling guilty for having been in ignore mode for days on end.

Last weekend we managed to squeeze in a trip to the barn to soak up all the beautiful sunshine after so much snow. My cousin Layne houses her pony about 45 minutes out of town, and as much as horses make me uneasy I love wandering around all the open space and fresh air.

Here’s a couple pics from the gorgeous day, I’m off to get an early nights sleep and hopefully be rid of this cold for good!







Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunty Pam, Happy Birthday to you!

So I'm a little late in posting this since my Aunt's birthday was last weekend, but life has been a little busy. And really, I'm just beyond stoked that this is my fourth day in a row posting consequetive blogs.

But back to my Aunty Pam. I’ve searched and searched, and come to the realization that she hides from my camera way too well. My goal of the week is to try to capture a new picture to post on here.

She is, to say the very least, one of the most important people in my life. Her beauty inside and out is incomparable. I thank everyday for the moments that brought and have kept her in my life. She has the most infinite patience, love and understanding of anyone I’ve ever met. With her constant, never-ending faith in me, it is hard to believe there would ever be a feat I couldn’t overcome.

So last weekend me and my cousin Layne stayed up far past our bed time and decked out the whole kitchen in balloons, streamers and signs. It was beyond fantastic, I didn’t take very many pictures cause I was too busy enjoying a lazy bones Saturday morning, but this one completely froze in time the feeling of the day and our family.
Have a great weekend everyone


Friday, May 2, 2008

Slow down everyone, you're moving too fast...frames can't catch you when you're moving like that...

There is something so inexplicably unique about that intangible quality kids have to put you at ease. How being around them can completely shift your attitude and frame of mind, no matter where your head began, you end up lying on your back holding your gut at the delicious ache of a deep belly laugh.

Needless to say, I had myself in a cranky funk the other day when my friend Melanie had me over to photograph the two children she nannies. She wanted an impromptu gift to give her boss for his upcoming birthday and I happened to fit the bill. As we ran to the park, it was hard to keep the pessimistic attitude up and I found myself having a blast.

I highly recommend everyone to take a couple minutes this weekend and get familiar with anyone in the single-digit age range :)

So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, Cass and Alexandria…








Take it off like your home alone, you know, dancin in front your mirror while you're on the phone

Though it is way past my bedtime, I knew I had to come on here even just to post something small. I’ve spent the last 24 hours tucked in bed surrounded by piles of kleenex, mugs of tea, and several bowls of lipton’s finest.

Yep, the flu that has felt inevitable for the past three weeks finally caught up with me. A visit to the doctor is still pending, though I’m hoping against hope I’ll magically awake to clear sinuses and an easy stomach.

Beyond that, the only reason I’m up this late is due to me and my cousin/room mate/all around favorite person Amanda have deemed Thursdays the best television night ever. Grey’s, Lost, The Office, can it get any better? Roll out the popcorn and make sure to get a good seat, cause you’re in it for the long haul starting at 9:00pm. So in honor of my lounging around tonight, I’m posting this hilarious video I saw on youtube a couple days ago as a tribute to The Office, my love for John Krasinski, and general happiness for Thursday T.V.