Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Help me if you can, I'm feeling down. And I do appreciate you being round."

So this is a bit of an S.O.S. post. I need help, major help!! My cousin-roommate-all-around-life-mate decided atChristmas to join the Walk to End Breast Cancer. Even to just sign up made me burst with pride. Our family history has been consistently riddled with cancer for years, and really any kind of charity work seems not just benefecial for society as a whole, but good for the soul as a whole too.

Now she's got 60km to walk between those two days, and I've watched her weave throughout our neighbourhood blocks to train, guzzle dozens of powerades and pimp the color pink more than you could ever imagine.

And where I thought her greatest challenge would be lengthening her endurance, there's actually been a much larger hurdle to cross. The weekend requires a fundraising goal of $2000.00 dollars. Now this did seem a daunting amount, but I know I thought it would come easily with enough cajoling of family members and bake sales, but at this point I've baked about 18 dozen batches of cookies, we've drawn 50/50 sales and Amanda has sent fourth email requests and she still remains at 36% on her goal thermomemeter.

So really this post is a combination, of both a request for any possible ideas to raise more money--(Please leave bake sales out, I repeat my clothes cannot handle anymore flour/icing sugar stains) And a request that if anyone is actually here reading my vicarious rumblings of life and they would like to help a good cause they would visit Amanda's site and donate.

I know it's asking a lot, especially since if anyone is here, they are most likely strangers, but this is an amazing cause, and even if $10.00is all you can contribue, it makes a difference.

Here is the link to her donation siteIf all you can offer is encouraging words as donation, feel free to leave a post and I'll pass it on to Amanda.

Thank you for listening :)